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We also offer Franchisee at a very low cost, to open robotic training centers in each district so that our Franchisee can teach robotics to kids and children.
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Electronics is a wonderful field of engineering. Today, our life is fully dependent on electronics because we are using 100's of electronic gadgets in our daily life, but very few people know how the electronic gadgets works or what are different electronic components. Sometimes, we get easily misguided due to lack of knowledge. We have designed a hobby course on electronics specially for small children of 8 years so that they are fully aware of all the different components used, what are different types of electronic circuits with practical experiments using very high quality world standard imported kits. Each student will be given individual home take away electronic kit along with a manual. Our programme is a fully practical programme which has been designed by expert electronic engineers, so that children will learn and enjoy having lots of fun. We can teach them 35 practical experiments, out which some of them are as follows:-

  1. Light sensivity lamp
  2. Blinking LED
  3. Brightness control in series and parallel circuit
  4. Water level detector
  5. Two finger touch lamp
  6. Two speed fan
  7. Two way switch
  8. Door alarm
  9. Alternate blink LED
  10. Fire Alarm

Our Fee for the basic programme of 5-days workshop is Rs.3,500/- along with home take away electronic kit. Youcan register your child online..

For Registration, please contact:-




GURGAON-122001 (Haryana)

M-9818327437, 8750052475

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