Science Workshops

The traditional learning system has been criticized for its lack of hands-on experience, which results in a deficit of basic research in India. Hands-on learning is crucial for students to directly observe and comprehend science. When students develop effective techniques for observing and testing everything around them, they learn the what, how, when, and why of things with which they interact. This helps them remain interested in science and become scientifically literate. That’s why we focus on school children because if groomed at a young age, they can become an asset to our nation. Instead of didactic learning, we emphasize experiential science learning. Hands-on science activities allow children to explore science at their own pace and prove hypotheses through experiments and their results. This develops many qualities in children, including curiosity, observational skills, analytical approach, problem-solving techniques, scientific temperament, creativity, patience, and more.

We are excited to announce our Science Summer Camp in Gurgaon for children from class I to class IX. It is an eight-session program, with each session lasting two hours. The curriculum for each class is carefully designed to foster scientific curiosity and encourage exploration.