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Franchise offer for Robotic Education for Kids and children

Today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as we continue to research, design, and build new robots that serve various practical purposes whether domestically, commercially or militarily. Commercial and industrial robots are widespread today and used to perform jobs more cheaply or more accurately and reliably than humans. They are also employed in jobs which are too dirty, dangerous or dull to be suitable for humans.

The world of Robotics is very exciting not only to the kids and youngsters but also to grown-ups. As robots have become more advanced and sophisticated, experts and academics have increasingly explored the question of what ethics might govern robot's behavior and whether robots might be able to claim any kind of social, ethical, cultural or legal rights. It becomes extremely important for the younger generation to learn about the technology of robotics because robots are going to play a vital role in our daily life in the 21st century.

We are well established organizer of Robotic workshop since last 6 years for kids and children age 5 years to 17 years, at our Robotic Training center in Gurgaon and we have trained over 13,000+ students during the period. We have designed, developed and manufacture our own many educational products like robotic kits for different age groups, electronic kits, aero-modelling kits and science kits, so that all these products are affordable by average indian family. Each of our curriculum has been prepared by highly qualified and experienced teachers in their respective fields. We have practical curriculums for kids and children age 3 years onwards.

We all know that India is a vast country with 700 districts, 4000 cities and towns, having a population of 1330 million people. According to available data, there are 1.4 million schools in India in which more than 350 million students in age 3 -16 years, are enrolled for primary and secondary education. As per the current Govt. policy and Niti Aayog, lots of emphasis has been given for promotion of robotic education in all the schools across the country. Infact, Niti Aayog is granting financial aids to schools to open robotic labs. In view of the above mentioned facts, today robotic education is a hot selling concept and fast growing @ 30% per annum. Moreover, it is free from any recession and credit because it is an education based business.

We offer Franchisee at a very low cost, to open robotic training centers in each district so that our Franchisee can teach robotics to kids and children at his center and also conduct robotic workshops in schools.The business is very lucrative and the return on investment shall be more than 300% in the first year itself. We will provide complete training, technical know-how, marketing guidance, study material etc. to the franchisee. Besides the above, we will also provide all the support from time to time, so that the your business flourishes day by day.

Interested persons,may contact us for more details:-
VIJENDER JAIN B.E.(Mech) Founder
9818327437, 8750052475

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