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We design this vehicle for future automation. Assume that if any small robot is moving on the table then is it possible that the robot will not fall from the table? Yes, when the robot moves to the end of table then it senses the depth and the sensor provides a signal to the microprocessor to stop the vehicle. It is also possible to reverse the robot on the table by using reversing the motor. When we reverse the motor then again we require a one more depth sensor on the back side of the robot. For the depth sensing we use infra red rays. One photodiode and one infra red is connected in pair with the vehicle. We design the circuit so that when any car move on the track then both infra red sensors, front and back reflect the rays and circuit sense the track. If the track is okay then circuit sense the rays and move the motor forward. When the vehicle move forward then if the track is going to the depth region then infra red rays are not reflected from the surface and due to that processor get a signal and . vehicle move backward automatically. The kit comes with all the required components along with study material and manual.

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