Brainy Toys Bot Kit Aqua racer bot -BTRK-010, Plastic And Metal Kit, Multicolor, 30+ Parts

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In this kit we will make a robot which is move over the water like a boat. In this kit all material are made of plastic and metal which of good quality material by the making of this robot kids learn that how the water boat and propeller works and enjoy with it. The kit comes with all the required components and building instruction manual describing how to build and operate the racer bot in the PDF format. They can play and race with their other friends. Plastic bottles are not supplied. 10 days return from date of purchase. 

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8×5 hole red plate x1
10 hole beam x4
9v DC motor x1
20mm hex bolt x1
Worm connector x1
Propeller fan x1
5 hole C beam x1
Screw driver x1
Spanner x1
A set of nuts and bolts x1
Building instruction by email.

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