Brainy Toys Bot Kit, 5 combo -ABP-001,make 5 robots using 1 kit, Plastic And Metal Kit, Multicolor, 30+ Parts,

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This is a combined kit of Animal bot Part-I , suitable to build 5 different working robots such as Cray Fish bot, Goby bot, Puppy bot, Deer bot and Frog bot.
Children always love to play with animals, insects and fishes. We have developed robotic kits based on the same principles so that children not only learn to build an animal robot but also have fun when their robot run using motor and battery. This kit comes with all the required components along with 1 No. motors and battery. Children can build the model of 5 different bot using two DC motors and also fix a sticker of bot, so that they have feeling of running real animal bot. They will get extremely happy and excited when the animal bot is moving on floor. Complete construction manual to build the model step by step is provided in PDF format along with clear pictures of the components used in each step. It is a fully working robotic kit. It is very easy for the children to assemble the same. Suitable Age from 5 to 8 years.

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Dc geared motor x1
Motor clamp x2
8×12 hole metal plate x1
4×9 hole metal plate x3
2×4 hole metal plate x8
8 hole metal beam x4
4 hole metal beam x2
3 hole metal beam x1
Middle frame x4
2×1 hole metal L beam x2
2×2 hole metal L beam x4
2×2 hole metal L long beam x4
40mm hex bolt x2
15mm hex bolt x8
10mm hex bolt x2
7mm hex bolt x6
Control bush metal x2
Plastic motor guide x2
Plastic S hook x4
S nut of metal x4
AA battery case x1
Switch board x1
Double side tape x4
Screw driver x1
Spanner x1
A set of nuts and bolts x1
BOT face sticker x1
Building instruction CD.

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