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Robotic Warrior Loz-3013

Product Code : Loz-3013

Price: Rs. 950  Save  Rs. 305

Sale Price : Rs. 645/-

Courier charges and GST extra

Product Availability : Available

Suitable For : Kids Age 2+

Condition : New Product

Distributor : BrainyToys.in

Product Description

It is a Robotic kit ,comes in the form of various 120 components along with a motor.

It also comes along with a building instruction manual.

The child will assemble the Robot and run with the help of motor.

Batteries not included.

Suitable for children age 6+ years.

Very exciting for the children to assemble and operate with motor power.

Durable toys for kids- Made from best quality material, robotic assembly kit for kids encourages child's intellectual level and make them feel happy.

Creative, divergent problem-solving kids learning toys are eye catchy and constructive.

It boost their confidence and intellectual level.

Makes an ideal gift - gift these children toys to your near and dear ones and make them feel special.

Confused what should be gifted to your kids on their birthday? kids learning toys makes a perfect gift.

Constructive assembling - All parts are made of safe and quality material, this indeed promotes cognitive skills.

Educational toys for kids are bang for the buck.

Robotic kit ,comes in the form of various 120 components along with a motor.

It also comes along with a manual.

Similar Products

Aqua cleaner

Aqua cleaner

Aqua cleaner is designed to learn robotics along with social awareness. This swimmer robot can be used to clean your swimming pools & splash pools. It works on the same principles on which river cleaning machines are working. Comes with a fancy wire remote to maneuver it over water and grab the unwanted objects lying in water. This kit has lot of scope for enhancements and modifications.You can think and do lots of experiments with the kit. Fully of enjoyment for the young children. The kit comes with complete manual in PDF format describing each step on how to build the aqua cleaner so that the child shall not find any difficulty in its assembly.

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Banana Piano

Banana Piano

It is a digital fruit piano. No soldering is required and even a 6 year child, who is a beginner can build it in less than one hour. Children enjoys the playing with musical instruments as it produces different cute tunes. What sound does a banana make? Let’s find out. While humans and fruit do conduct electricity, they’re pretty bad at it. Both typically have an electrical resistance that’s in the 1-megaohm range, depending on how moist your skin or nectarine is. This design uses your body and the fruit as part of the circuit, flowing current through the human-fruit “wire”, but the high resistance means that the currents involved are tiny. The piano player isn’t going to feel a shock, or even feel anything at all. She’ll just lightly touch different bits of fruit to play a song, almost as if by magic. The kit comes with all the required components, study material and manual.

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Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), it is estimated that more than 1.2 lakh deaths have been caused because of fire accidents in India from 2010-2014. Even though, lot of precautions are taken to prevent Fire accidents,but even then natural/man-made disasters occurs now and then. In the event of a fire breakout, to rescue people and to extinguish the fire we are forced to use human resources which are not safe. With the advancement of technology especially in Robotics it is very much possible to replace humans with robots for fighting the fire. This would improve the efficiency of firefighters and would also prevent them from risking human lives. Today we are going to build a Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino, which will automatically sense the fire and start the water pump. The kit comes with all the required components, study material and manual.

Rs. 2400

Robotic variety Block-I

Robotic variety Block-I

It is an imported robotic kit suitable for children age 6+ years from which a child can learn to build different working robots like moving tank. Child will learn about science and technology while learning robotics. All parts are made of virgin plastic and fits well. Excellent quality product which will last for long time. Age 6+ years

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Cray Fish Bot

Cray Fish Bot

Children always love to play with animals, insects and fishes. We have developed robotic kits based on the same principles so that children not only learn to build an animal robot but also have fun when their robot run using motor and battery. This kit comes with many components along with a motor and battery. The children can build the model of Cray fish and also fix a sticker of cray fish so that they have feeling of running real cray fish. Complete construction manual to build the model step by step is provided in PDF format along with clear pictures of the components used in each step. It is a fully working robotic kit.

Rs. 1100

Racer bot

Racer bot

Children loves to play with cars and when they are building it themselves then it becomes more and more joyous. Racer bot is similar to build and run the car forward, backward, right, left etc. Children learns about DC motors, how to operate a remote, basic construction to build a robot etc. The kit comes with all the required components and building instruction manual describing how to build and operate the racer bot in the PDF format. They can play and race with their other friends. A can be arranged among if the no. of children is large. Child who completes the race in the shortest time will be the winner.

Rs. 770