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Cray Fish Bot

Product Code : CFB-001

Price: Rs. 1250  Save  Rs. 150

Sale Price : Rs. 1100/-

Courier charges and GST extra

Product Availability : Available

Suitable For : Kids Age 5+

Condition : New Product

Distributor : BrainyToys.in

Product Description

Children always love to play with animals, insects and fishes. We have developed robotic kits based on the same principles so that children not only learn to build an animal robot but also have fun when their robot run using motor and battery.

This kit comes with many components along with a motor and battery. The children can build the model of Cray fish and also fix a sticker of cray fish so that they have feeling of running real cray fish.

Complete construction manual to build the model step by step is provided in PDF format along with clear pictures of the components used in each step. It is a fully working robotic kit.

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