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Kicker bot

Product Code : BTRK-006

Price: Rs. 1090  Save  Rs. 130

Sale Price : Rs. 960/-

Courier charges and GST extra

Product Availability : Available

Suitable For : Kids Age 6-12+

Condition : New Product

Distributor : BrainyToys.in

Product Description

The kicker mechanism is the component of the robot that propels the ball in a given direction. This component can have any number of varying designs, but most involve the use of a solenoid to propel the ball in some way. A (kicker)soccer robot is a specialized autonomous robot. that is used to play variants of soccer. It is always very interesting for kids and children to play with ball in different ways. Sometimes they hit in one direction and sometimes they move it in zig zag directions.We have developed this robot which hits the ball in one particular direction. The kit comes with all the required components along with building instructions in PDF format,which describes each step clearly. The child will not face any difficulty in its assembly by following the instructions.After building up, the child can play and enjoy with the robot

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Bluetooth Car

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Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), it is estimated that more than 1.2 lakh deaths have been caused because of fire accidents in India from 2010-2014. Even though, lot of precautions are taken to prevent Fire accidents,but even then natural/man-made disasters occurs now and then. In the event of a fire breakout, to rescue people and to extinguish the fire we are forced to use human resources which are not safe. With the advancement of technology especially in Robotics it is very much possible to replace humans with robots for fighting the fire. This would improve the efficiency of firefighters and would also prevent them from risking human lives. Today we are going to build a Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino, which will automatically sense the fire and start the water pump. The kit comes with all the required components, study material and manual.

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