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Radio game Programming

Online project based course

2300-2800 per student (includes 1 kit)

Radio game Programming

What you'll receive


Learn and build your project anywhere, anytime


Showcase your practical skills to the world


Clear your doubts in dedicated 1-1 sessions

What you'll build


Impress your interviewers, teachers and friends


Not a 'paper engineer'. Be a real, practical engineer


Grab the best jobs and higher education opportunities

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In this lesson, let’s learn

This project uses the radio to share your mood with other micro:bits. When you press A, your friends will see a smiley face. When you press B, they will see a frowny face.


You’ve lost the ability to speak. Oh no! However, even in silence you can make new friends. A new discovery has been made, radio transmission. Eureka! Now you must find the other person in your group who you are friends with by sending and receiving messages.


Infection is a distributed game which simulates the spread of an illness. The goal is to stop the outbreak before every player dies!

  • Number of players: 1 Master and 4, or more, additional players. The Master and all other players need a micro:bit with battery pack.

In this game, a Master micro:bit infects a single, initial player (“patient zero”) with the illness. The infected player is contagious immediately but won’t show any signs sickness during the incubation time. The sickness gets transmitted when two micro:bits get close enough to each other to “contract the disease”. After the incubation period, a sad face appears on the screen. After the sickness period, the player will eventually die and a skull displays on the screen. Dead players are out of the game.

This is the classic “Red Light, Green Light” game where one person is a virtual stoplight and gives commands to the other players to either stop or go.


What your kid will learn in this course? 

1 - fire Flims
2 - Hot or Cold
3 - Rock Paper Scissors Teams 
4 - Voting Machine
5 - Best Friend

6 - Infection

7 - micro coin

8 - Mood Radio

9 - Multi Dise

10-Red Light Green Light


How to do the Online Course?

Login to our Online Learning Portal will be provided instantaneously upon enrolling. This Portal gives you access to tutorials and quizzes required to build your project.

Brainy toys Micro Python Project Kit will be dispatched to you within 24 hours of enrollment. Use this kit along with the online portal to learn and complete the project based course. As you complete the course your project will also be completed.

You will get all the components needed to build a using  project. The following are the list of components that you will get in the kit.

  • Micro bit

  • Some other parts

Battery(9V) is required for this project. Shipping this item is not possible due to the logistics issues. This item is easily available in your local market. Our team shall assist you in getting this item, if needed.

Any Questions ?