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395-795 per student (includes 1 kit)


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Centre of gravity and Stability of an object


You don't have to be a tightrope walker to do balancing tricks, but i you do have to understand the role of an object's centre of gravity.i AThe centre of qravity of an object could also be called its balance i point. If you support the centre of gravity, the object will balance.i We sometimes use centre of mass" and "centre of gravity" to mean the same thing. Technically, they are different. Centre of mass means "the average location of all the matter in an object". The centre of gravity is the average location of the force of gravity on an object.


If an object has its weight distributed equally throughout, its centre of gravity is located at its geometric centre. If the object has an irregular shape, its centre of gravity may not be at its geometric centre. It is possible for the centre of gravity to be entirely outside the physical boundaries of the object. The centre of gravity of ai football, for example, is in the empty space inside the ball, and thei centre of gravity of a boomerang is off to the side of its inside curve. If an object is not supported directly below its centre of gravity then the object will topple over.


How to do the Online Course?

Login to our Online Learning Portal will be provided instantaneously upon enrolling. This Portal gives you access to tutorials and quizzes required to build your project.

Brainy toys Science Project  Kit will be dispatched to you within 24 hours of enrollment. Use this kit along with the online portal to learn and complete the project based course. As you complete the course your project will also be completed.

You will get all the components needed to build a using  project. The following are the list of components that you will get in the kit.

  • Full Kit


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